Beginning Sunday, February 3, various homes will be opened every Sunday afternoon at 5:30pm for a time of Bible study and fellowship. This serves as a great opportunity to connect with others in our church and community. Each group usually ends at 7:00pm. They will meet for 8 weeks, with the last meeting to take place on Sunday, March 31 (We will not meet on Sunday, March 10, due to Spring Break). Each group study will focus upon the sermon from our Pastor on that particular day. Our current series of sermons is titled "Questions That Matter: Exploring Faith from Fiction When Culture Intersects Truth". We will be discovering how God's Word speaks to some of the most difficult and hot-button topics of our day.

While these home groups are intended for adults, certain homes will be designated as "child friendly." Parents can bring children with them to these homes as there will be an appropriate setup for children during the study. For all students from grades 6 - 12, our youth ministry will be hosting activities at the main campus in the youth room. These students can be dropped off by parents before 5:30pm and be picked up following the home groups.

Below you will find a listing of the locations of each home group, along with contact information.


David and Carol Barnes (Child Friendly)       

898 County Road 59

Moundville, AL 35474



Jim and Jan Chaisson (Child Friendly)

12362 Flint Dr.

Moundville, AL 35474



Nevin and Cindy Tidmore (Child Friendly)

1622 Tidmore Walton Dr.

Moundville, AL 35474